Therapeutic Massage

Our highly trained therapists combine both a therapeutic and relaxation approach to address your area of concern. During a therapeutic massage, we incorporate techniques such as: Trigger Point Release, Myofascial, Muscle Stripping, Effleurage, Petrissage, Frictioning and Joint Mobilization. We strive to relieve your pain and restore normal joint and muscle function.

                                                  Styles of Massages

Swedish: Firm but gentle pressure integrated with long flowing movements to help relax the muscles and body, relax the nervous system, increase circulation and decrease stress. 

Deep Tissue: Deeper pressure that focuses on a specific muscle group(s) in order to decrease pain, decrease tightness and increase range of motion.  Deep Tissue technique helps with breaking down scar tissue, adhesions and chronic pain. 

Prenatal: Specifically designed to relieve common pregnancy discomforts as well as promote relaxation and wellness.  This nurturing massage can also help with cramps, spams and sciatica pain associated with pregnancy. We utilize proper positioning and bolstering during your massage to give you an optimal and relaxing experience. Not performed in the first trimester of the pregnancy. 

Sports: A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques focused on relieving stiffness and pain in both joints and muscles due to physical exertion of the body.  The therapist also incorporates various stretching techniques in order to increase mobility and reduce lactic build-up in the body. Sports massage can also help with enhancing  your sports performance.


                                                                  Massages are offered at 30 and 60 minutes session.